2019-20 Club Comp 3 Awards Prints and DPIs - Scapes

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Skyline Reflections_Roger Edwardes_Gold.
Winter Walk_Pam Sherren_Gold
Moonlight Tranquility_Jeannine King_Silv
Road to Havanna_Neil Kelly_Silver
Teignmouth Autumn Dawn_Jan Lunn_Bronze
Ploughing match_John Gronow_Bronze
Mist on the Loch_Pam Sherren_Bronze
View from the Schilthorn_Pam Sherren_Bro
Devon Landscape_Brian McLean_Bronze
Red sails_Mike Harris_HComm
Wind and flower power_Mike Harris_HComm.
Harbour Entrance, Boscastle_Roger Edward
Enjoying the View_Roger Edwardes_HComm
Dawlish Seascape_Russell McGowan_Comm
Corrosion_Peter Bosley_Comm
Back Beach_Paul Williams_Comm
Concrete Jungle_Peter Bosley_Comm
Pool of light_Peter Jeffery_Comm
Brixham Harbour_John Gronow_Comm
Annonymouse people in city scape_Clive F
Night Time On The Beach_Graeme Blumire_C
Gherkin with Orange on the Side_Jan Lunn
Reach for the Sky_Peter Bosley_Comm
Towards the Mountains of Lewis_Russell M
Rough sea scape_Clive Figes_Comm

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