2019-20 Club Comp 1 Awards Prints and DPIs - Theme Dereliction

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The Decaying of Saint Spiridon_Jeannine
Two Pears and an Apple_John Gronow_Gold.
Small Abandoned Store_Pam Sherren_Gold
In Need of Attention_John Gronow_Gold
International Faded Beauty_Jan Lunn_Gold
Old Ropes, Rubbers and Rusty Chains_Pete
Hand Cart and Barrels in Old Tannery_Joh
Hanging by a Thread_Roger Edwardes_Silve
Coastal erosion at St ives_Mike Harris_S
Closed for business_Neil Kelly_Silver
A rusty old ring_Mark Jeffery_Silver
Bare Bones_Russell McGowan_Silver
I've Been A Wild Rover..
Rust paterns_Brian McLean_Bronze
Abandoned Farmhouse_Jan Lunn_Bronze
No defence_Mike Harris_Bronze
Misty Wreck_Jan Lunn_Bronze
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie_Jan Lunn_Bronze
Rusty can_Neil Kelly_Bronze
Old Bike left to Rust_John Gronow_HComm.
Abandoned interior_Neil Kelly_HComm
Days End_Emily King_HComm
Old ryde ferry_Brian McLean_HComm
Rust in Peace_Pam Sherren_HComm
Abandoned Workshop_Pam Sherren_HComm
Old Boats, South Wharf, Hayle_Roger Edwa
Opal truck_Michelle Bourne_Comm
Old Sluice_Lynda Edwardes_Comm
MacLennan Coaches In Liquidation_Russell
Beer's Off!_Lynda Edwardes_Comm
Hallsands, Lost to the sea

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