Committee Members

The Society is run by a Committee elected at a General Meeting.

Committee members for 2019-2020


President                                                  Peter Bosley LRPS

Chairman                                                  Mark Jeffery

Vice-Chair                                                 Mike Harris

Secretary                                                  Peter Butler LRPS (Tel: 01803 553321)

                                                                   email -

Treasurer/Membership Secretary         Russell Mc Gowan

Programme Secretary                            Jeannine King CPAGB backup Pam Sherren

Social Media Administrator                    Mike Harris

WCPF Representative                             Pam Sherren EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE5*

IT Projectionist                                         Mike Harris

IT Webmaster                                           Pam Sherren backup Jeannine King CPAGB

Club Competition Secretary                   Roger Edwardes AFIAP BPE1*

External DPI Secretary                           Pam Sherren EFIAP/p DPAGB BPE5*

External Print Secretary                        Jan Lunn ARPS

Publicity                                                    Peter Bosley LRPS

Social Secretary                                      David Eales

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities of Officers and Committee Members:

  • Chairperson:  To take the Chair at Society meetings and convene Committee meetings.

  • Vice-Chair: To perform above duties in the absence of the Chair, or if requested by the Chair.

  • Secretary:  To keep minutes of Meetings and to conduct correspondence on behalf of the Society; to disseminate information received from outside sources.

  • Treasurer: To collect subscriptions and monies due and to make all necessary payments; to maintain an income and expenditure account and report the financial situation at Committee meetings; to draw up an end of year balance sheet for approval at the AGM; to maintain Membership records.

  • Programme Secretary:  To compile a formal Programme for Society events. Make contact with speakers and judges and confirm dates as required.

  • WCPF Representative: The Society’s representative to the Western Counties Photographic Federation.

  • Competition Secretary:  To organise all aspects of competitions and keep such records.

  • IT Webmaster: To maintain The Society’s internet website.

  • IT Projectionist: To be responsible for the Society's projection equipment and operate it at Society meetings, when required.

  • Social Secretary: To meet and greet new members and organise club outings.


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