Competition Rules for the Current Season



Our Club follows the general PAGB/WCPF rules including nature and monochrome definitions.

See WCPF Competition rules


  • Only fully paid-up members of Torbay Photographic Society are eligible to enter competitions.

  • Images must be entirely the work of the Photographer and original images taken using a photographic process. Composite images are permitted      provided all component images meet this requirement. For the avoidance of doubt, use of images from any other source including royalty free images, clipart, textures, and overlays are not permitted. Entrants must own the copyright of every element of the image.

  • Trade processed and Digital Prints are acceptable.

  • Entries must be submitted by midnight on the date specified in the club Programme. Late entries will be accepted at the Competition Secretary’s  discretion.

  • Members entering competitions do so on the understanding that their images may be selected for external competitions, and that their qualifying images are made available for the End of Season Exhibition. 

  • Unless otherwise stated there is no time limit on when images were taken.

  • Entries for Monthly Club or In-house competitions which are themed must conform to the specified theme.

  • For the efficient running of the competitions, the Committee may vary these rules at its discretion, provided any variation is communicated to the membership. Any permanent changes must be ratified by the membership at the next AGM.


2. COMPETITIONS:   There various types of competitions:

  • Monthly club competitions count towards specific trophies and awards at the End of Season Exhibition.

  • In-House Competitions are additional competitions mostly for a trophy that is awarded on the night. Qualifying images go through to the End of       Season Exhibition will be eligible for awards and/or trophies that are not based on points gained in Monthly Club Competitions.

  • End of Season Exhibition Trophies and certificates are awarded at the End-of-Season Awards Evening, normally held on the evening of the public exhibition. External judges award 'Gold' (the trophy), Silver, Bronze, and Certificates (at the judge's discretion).

  • External Competitions are either arranged locally between the clubs concerned or through photographic organisations such as the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) or the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).

2.1 Monthly Club Competitions: Six held each Season, some of which may be themed. (A separate Beginners Class will be introduced if required).

  • Members may enter up to a maximum of 4 images in each monthly competition. However, should there be too many entries for the judge to comfortably critique on the night, the last image will not be used but may be entered in subsequent competitions. As a guide, enter your ‘best’ image first followed by your next choice (as they appear in the online photo entry system).

  • Gold, Silver, Bronze, Highly Commended, and Certificates will be awarded at the judge’s discretion with at least one Gold, Silver, and Bronze award. These awarded images will go through to the End of Season Exhibition.

  • Results will be emailed to members and awarded images will be posted on the website after each competition. A final list of all qualifying images will be circulated to members after the final competition of the Season.

  • Scores will be allocated as follows: Gold = 20; Silver = 19; Bronze = 18, Highly Commended = 17; Commended = 16; no award = 15.

  • Refer point 2.3.1 below for list of Annual Club Competition awards. 

​2.2 In-House Competitions: Awarded images may go through to the End of Season Exhibition. The current list of In-House Competitions:

  • Val Danby Smile Trophy - Images that make members smile

  • Pat Charlton Trophy - 3 or 4 images on a theme, mounted on one board or one PDI image 

  • John Stevens A4 Print Shield - A4 Prints judged by the President

  • Chairman’s Panel Competition – a panel of 5 Prints separately mounted on five 40x50cm boards. Panels to have a common theme and taken by one or up to five photographers. The winning panels will be considered for the Knightshayes Trophy and the Devon Battle.

  • Mobile phone competition

  • Beginners competition

  • Valentine's 'Battle of the Sexes'

2.3 End of Season Exhibition:  In addition to qualifying images, all members may submit up to two 'Wildcard' images in the Print and/or DPI categories. ‘Wildcards’ are images that have not automatically qualified for the End of Season Exhibition.


The current list of awards: 

2.3.1 Club Competition awards for points gained during the Season:

  • The President's Cup - for most points gained in Monthly Club Competitions overall (Print and DPI)

  • The Dick Tandy Memorial Trophy - the 10 highest points gained by each member for Prints in Monthly Club Competitions

  • Chairman's Trophy - the 10 highest points gained by each member for DPIs in Monthly Club Competitions

  • John Gayton Trophy - for most Print and DPI points gained in Monthly Club Competitions by a new member .


2.3.2 End-of-Season Gold awards for the following individual images: 

  • Overall best Monochrome Print of the Year. See mono definition on WCPF website

  • Overall best Colour Print of the Year

  • Overall best PDI of the Year


2.3.3 End-of-Season Trophies and/or certificates awarded to Prints and DPIs in the following categories: 

  • Open: Any image that does not fall into one of the following categories:

  • People: (Ron Sleep Memorial Trophy for Prints)includes portraiture, street photography, social documentary, and travel

  • Scapes: (W Jess Trophy for Prints) - any urban, rural or coastal landscape including Colour, Monochrome, Infra-red, HDR and Panoramic images

  • Nature: (Mayfield Trophy for DPIs) - see PAGB Nature Definition on the WCPF website 

  • Creative: Definition - Montage, Altered reality, Surreal or Imagined images that go beyond traditional photography

  • Action or Movement

2.4 External Competitions: Selection for External competitions will be made from successful images entered in TPS competitions as well as from external Competitions and Exhibitions. Torbay PS currently takes part in the WCPF Inter-Club Competitions as well as three 'Battles' with other photographic clubs:

  • The Sidmouth Battle, with Sidmouth Photographic Club.

  • The Plymouth Battle, with Plymouth Camera Club

  • The Three-way Battle with Paignton Photographic Club and Newton Abbot Photographic Club



  • Any image, including an End-of-Season wildcard, may be entered again unless:                                                                                                         

  1. The image receives an award at the End-of-Season Exhibition;

  2. The image is awarded a Gold, Silver, Bronze, Highly Commended or Certificate in any club competition.

  • The same, or very similar image/s may not be entered as both a Print and a DPI in the same Monthly Club competition.

  • An awarded image may not be resubmitted in another medium. 

  • Images entered in any in-house competition (refer 2.2 above) may not be resubmitted to the same in-house competition in a subsequent season whether placed or not. 

  • Prints entered in the Chairman's Print Panel Competition may be any image previously entered.

  • It is the responsibility of the member to inform the Competition Secretary that an image is a re-submission. The best way to do this is to enter 'Resubmission' in Entry Reference when uploading the DPI.



4.1 Prints

  • All prints should preferably be presented on a 50cm x 40cm (20”x16”) mount board which is the maximum mount size allowed.

  • Prints may be any size that fits within the above mount board, and 'Letter box' style prints are permitted.

  • If not surface mounted all prints must have a backing board.

  • DPIs of the Prints are projected on the night so all Print entries must be accompanied by a DPI. These DPIs are to be submitted in the same format as for DPI competitions - see 4.2 below.

  • After the competition has closed, entrants will be advised of a print number for each print entered. This number is to be written on the reverse of the corresponding print together with the Print Title and Member's Name.  

  • On competition night, prints are to be brought in by 7.15 pm and placed in the right place on the print stands which will have numbers to indicate where each print should go.

  • Entrants are responsible for bringing in their prints and taking them home - or for arranging for another member to do so on their behalf.


4.2 DPIs

  • DPI entries to be uploaded via DiCentra Photo Entry System.

  • DPI images must be in RGB mode (even for monochrome) and in sRGB colour space. Files must be saved as JPEG/JPG with a quality of 10 or more.

  • The maximum image dimensions are 1600 pixels horizontal by 1200 pixels vertical. Smaller images are permitted, but will be smaller when projected.

  • Any member who has difficulties meeting any of these requirements, please  contact us  for assistance.

TPS COMPETITION RULES  - This version updated  on July 2020 to reduce the handling of prints and the risk of spreading any virus

 All Images are Copyright Protected and any unauthorised use or copying of these images is forbidden

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