2017-18 Club Comp 1 Awards Prints and DPIs - Theme Formations

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Gold_Forest Formations_Pam Sherren

Gold_Vineyard in Winter_Pam Sherren

Silver_Boats in Brixham Harbour_Mark Jeffery

Silver_3D Gallery_Pam Sherren

Bronze_Docklands Bridge_Emily King

HComm_Macho Statue_Mike Harris

HComm_Formations of Climbers_Peter Butler

HComm_The Staircase_Jeannine King

HComm_Water Droplets_Jeannine King

HComm_Stripes_Jeannine King

Comm_Sun loungers-not for hire today_Mike Harris

Comm_Red Arrows_Geoff Botwood

Comm_Boots of the brave 911 Firemen_Neil Kelly

Comm_Light_Michelle Bourne

Comm_Boots of the brave 911 Firemen_Neil Kelly

Comm_Champagne flutes_Mark Jeffery

Comm_Steps_Nathan Timblin

Comm_End of the Day_Emily King

Comm_The Tower Block_Neil Kelly

Comm_Fossil Forest Formations, Lulworth_Roger Edwardes

Comm_Stair Hole Strata_Roger Edwardes

Comm_Horseshoe Bend_Pam Sherren

Comm_Dusk at the Roman Aqueduct in Segovia_Mike Harris

Comm_Spirals_Pam Sherren

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