Facebook Group Rules

These are the Society's rules for its public Group on Facebook. Take a look at our Facebook group by clicking here or on the Facebook icon.

Anyone with an interest in photography who lives in or around the area can ask to join the Society’s Facebook group but only fully paid-up members can post images or links to their images. Members of the society’s Facebook group who are not fully-paid members of the club are welcome to 'like' posts and comment on them. Posts must be approved by the designated administrators for the Society’s Facebook group.

Commercial advertising or posts with offensive or inappropriate content will be removed by the designated administrators, or will not be approved. If any member of the Society’s Facebook group persists in submitting such posts, they will be removed from the Group and blocked whether or not they are a paid member of the Society.

 All Images are Copyright Protected and any unauthorised use or copying of these images is forbidden

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