Guidelines for Submitting DPI Entries by Dropbox (Preferred option)

You will find instructions here on how to use Dropbox to submit your digital images (DPIs) for club competitions. You can, however, submit your entries by e-mail if you would prefer (see useful information for help).

Dropbox is effectively a cloud based storage application that is geared towards sharing files with other people, and therefore has very flexible options for doing this.

To set up a Dropbox account, or use an existing one:


You have two options for setting up a Dropbox account, depending on how you want to use it:

1. Download and install the Dropbox app (program) on the device you use to store your images.

  • The app provides access to the files you have stored on Dropbox. The files are not stored or saved on your computer, but the app allows you to make changes to the files that are held on the Dropbox servers.

  • You will find the link to download the app here (the version of the app you need is automatically determined when you click the link to download the app/program).

  • Once you've installed it, the app will ask you to either sign in or sign up for a Dropbox account. So, if you do not already have a Dropbox account, you can create one at this stage using the app.

  • When you've completed these steps, you will see a shortcut to Dropbox on your desktop, and also an icon in the system tray (for Windows - bottom left of your screen) or the menu bar (Mac). The Desktop shortcut will take you to your Dropbox folder in Explorer (this will look like a USB pen drive on your computer, but named 'Dropbox'). The icon in the system tray/menu bar shows Dropbox activity, syncing activity and has a settings icon (top right) where you can change settings such as what notifications you want from Dropbox.


2. If you don’t want to install the Dropbox app onto your computer, you can access Dropbox online via your web browser. Go to and either set up a new account or sign in to access your existing account.


Get your TPS DPI and Print DPI folders added to your Dropbox Account:


Once you have a Dropbox account set up, the next step is to get your TPS DPI and print DPI competition folders added to it:

  1. e-mail confirming what e-mail address you have used to set up the account (the e-mail address you gave when you set up the account).

  2. We will set up folders for your competition entries on the TPS Dropbox account and ‘invite’ you to join them. You will then receive two e-mails - one inviting you to your DPI folder, and the other inviting you to your Print DPI folder. There will be a note in the e-mail telling you which is which.

  3. Click on 'Go to folder' in the first e-mail, noting which of the folders this e-mail relates to (ie whether it's your DPI folder, or your Print DPI folder). You'll be asked if you want to add the folder to your Dropbox account so click to add it. The folder will then appear in your account (if you're using the online version) or under the Dropbox folder in Explorer/Finder if you have downloaded the app.

  4. The title of the folder will just be your name and membership number, eg 'Joe Bloggs 05'. Both your DPI and Print DPI folders will have the same title (this is the format we need to be able to import your entries into our competition software), so you need to rename them so you know which is which. The procedure for doing this is the same whether you're using the online version of Dropbox, or you've downloaded the app.

  • Go to the TPS folder you've just added, and right click on it.

  • Select 'rename' from the options that come up. This will give you the option to change the name of the folder.

  • Add either 'DPIs' or 'Print DPIs' to the end of the folder name, eg Joe Bloggs 05 DPIs, or Joe Bloggs 05 Print DPIs.

  • Go to the e-mail you received inviting you to your other TPS folder, and repeat the steps above.


To submit your DPI entries for a competition:

  1. The first step is to resize your image to the correct size and save it to your computer in the correct format (also named correctly). For guidance on how to do this, see the rules for DPIs. See Useful Information for details.

  2. If you downloaded the app: just copy and paste your entries into the relevant folder under the Dropbox folder on your computer .

  3. Make sure you copy/paste your images to this folder, rather than drag and drop them there. If you drag and drop the images, you may find you are moving them to that folder which means they will no longer be in the original location you saved them on your hard drive.

  4. If you are accessing Dropbox online, via your web browser, click on your competition folder to open it and drag the images you want to submit from your computer to that folder. They will then be uploaded to Dropbox and we will be able to access them.

  5. Please note the following when using Dropbox to submit your entries

Once the competition has been loaded into our competition software, we will archive your entries and your Dropbox folder will be empty. It is then ready for you to add your entries to it for the next competition. 

Should I set up a Dropbox account?


That is entirely up to you, but the real benefit of setting up an account is that it will be easier for you to submit your DPI competition entries – and you can use it for other things too, once you get used to it. It’s free, although the free version only gives you 2GB of storage space.

What if I have problems with submitting my entries via Dropbox?


We are here to help. Just e-mail or and the IT Secretary or Competitions Secretary will do what they can to help you. You are, however, advised to submit your entries well before the deadline for the competition until you are confident in using Dropbox to allow time for any issues to be resolved before the deadline for the competition. Remember, you can always submit your entries by e-mail if we cannot resolve any Dropbox issues you have in time.

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