WCPF DPIC 2019 Torbay Images

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Pam Sherren_Skeletal Trees Yellowstone

Russell McGowan_The Glum Family

Geoff Botwood_Barn Owl in FLight

Neil Kelly_Deadly Escape

Roger Edwardes_It's Only a Game

Brian McLean_Spanish Dancer

Pam Sherren_Barn Owl Landing

Roger Edwardes_Goggle Eyed

Geoff Botwood_I believe I can fly

Peter Bosley_Fast Food

Russell McGowan_Winter Sunrise Glencoe

Pam Sherren_Trees in the Snow

Brian McLean_Finn over the jump

Pam Sherren_Cow Girl

Roger Edwardes_Goldeneye

Russell McGowan_Puffin Supervising Landi

David Eales_Argi tango

Frances Botwood_The Pollinator

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