November 2020 - Torbay won the 2020 WCPF Inter-club Kingswood Salver Panel  Competition. 

2020 Kingswood Panel.jpg

August 2019 - Torbay won the 2019 WCPF Inter-club Print Competition and

Russell Mc Gowan was awarded and Judge's Ribbon

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May 2019  -Torbay came 1st in the 2019 Devon Battle PDI competition. Roger Edwardes and Pam Sherren came 1st and 2nd in the individual awards

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February 2019  -Torbay came 5th out of 56 clubs in the 2019 WCPF DPIC competition. Pam Sherren won a ribbon for 'Skeletal Trees Yellowstone

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February 2018

We were delighted to come =3rd out of 57 clubs that entered the 2018 WCPF inter-club competition -

and honoured to have represented the WCPF at the National PAGB Inter-club DPI competition in July.

 Out of the top 38 clubs from Federations across the UK, we came a very respectable 4th in the Plate Competition.

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